Texas Thug Calls Modern-Day Brownshirts on Protesters

Texas State Rep. and violent thug in an expensive suit Matt Rinaldi.

Leading up to the election of Donald Trump, some leftists contended that a Clinton presidency would be every bit as bad, and possibly worse, than a Trump one. Some still contend this. But fascism is here, it’s real, and it’s actively ruining people’s lives- it’s no longer a hypothetical we’re measuring against a nearly certain Democratic administration:

A Texas Republican threatened to “put a bullet in one of his colleague’s heads” during a scuffle on the House floor over the state’s new anti-‘sanctuary cities’ law on Monday, the final day of the regular legislative session.

Representative Matt Rinaldi, R-Irving, made the comment to Representative Poncho Nevárez during a dispute that began when Rinaldi told two Hispanic lawmakers that he called Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Senate Bill 4 protesters at the Capitol.

I’m a white guy. The Trump presidency will suck for me, without a doubt. I’m particularly worried about economic and financial collapse reoccurring, and I’m worried that humanity doesn’t have time vis a vis climate change to fuck around with a GOP government. But I, personally, will probably survive unscathed. I may not prosper, but I will muddle through, somehow.

There are millions of people in this country, citizens and non-citizens, documented and undocumented, who live in terror of other possibilities. Possibilities like being taken away by government agents, or robbed/stolen from and being afraid to contact the police, or being harassed in public or abused on the job or any number of other things that DO happen:

Castro had come to the U.S. legally more than 20 years ago with a fiancee visa , but had not gotten married, according to Mullins Glenn. She began the process of becoming a U.S. citizen, Mullins Glenn said, but withdrew her application after she received erroneous information. Castro had apparently been working toward legal residency for years, according to Mullins Glenn, but her attorney was out of the country Thursday.

Castro received a deportation order in 1997, but because of her son’s special needs, was permitted to stay in the U.S. and check in with immigration services periodically, Mullins Glenn said.

Last month, ICE informed Castro that its “priorities have shifted,” according to Mullins Glenn, and that she must leave the country by April 6.

Rusnok said in a Thursday night email: “Castro has overstayed her original temporary visa by more than 25 years.”

We’re much safer with that provider and caretaker who’s been a member of her community for 20 years gone; the heinous crime of overstaying your visa and building a life here should be punished with exile. I am not a crackpot or a racist.

And even if you’re a citizen, you’re not safe:

The 59-year-old hairdresser from San Bernardino had spent the night of March 29 in jail because of a decade-old bench warrant related to her alleged failure to appear as a witness in a court case. During her night in jail, Plascencia said a deputy asked her to sign documents acknowledging that officials with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had inquired about her.

“Why?” Plascencia asked. “I’m an American citizen.”

Confused and scared, Plascencia did as she was asked, assuring herself that the entire ordeal was a mistake that would soon be cleared up.

But as she tried to leave the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga, Plascencia said she was met by immigration enforcement agents, handcuffed and placed in the back of a van. Plascencia would spend the rest of the day in ICE custody, fearful that she would be deported despite becoming an American citizen some 20 years ago, following an amnesty program initiated by President Ronald Reagan.

She just didn’t look like a citizen, if you know what I mean.

These guys aren’t heroes, out on the front lines, stopping drugs and criminals and terrorists from entering our country. They are thugs that white supremacist assholes call on to put us peasants in our place. They’ve been taken off the leash, and when you give assholes with guns and the power to ruin lives free rein, they’re going to ruin a lot of lives.


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  1. Gross; it’s almost like the idea of not being a Sh*t-Gibbon of a human is too much for I.C.E agents. (Shocker)

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