From Citizen to Peasant: Working Hours

Not only has our economy not progressed, we’ve actually been backsliding away from this old slogan.

My corporate overlords have deemed it necessary to have me work a turnaround, so despite having arrived home a few moments ago, I need to be back in just 8 short hours. But I thought I would take this opportunity to note another aspect of modern peasantry in the United States- the theft of time.

Most regular people are familiar with our betters habit of tricking or scamming peasants out of their money; everything feels overpriced, and marketing for anything that promises a better future all too often turn out to be fraudulent. But it’s also true that our feudal lords simply don’t care about peasants quality of life- we frequently expect low-wage workers to remain on the clock without breaks for 8-12 hours at a time, and also frequently have them work irregular hours without enough rest in between.

It’s just one more factor on top of the low pay, hard labor, and lack of vacation/sick leave/health insurance that make work for the little guy difficult, and its one condition that makes this peasant feel pretty dissident.