Glorious Meritocracy: We Need Better Punditry, Bret Stephens Edition

Here at the Dissident Peasant we are sometimes asked why we pursue this little enterprise. Isn’t the Internet just chock full of political opinion already? Don’t we know that there are very rich, educated people white men who are already paid millions of dollars a year for their opinions?

True! And the answer is simple: they are really fucking bad at their job.

Look, it’s entirely possible that the Trump administration was planning on destroying the planet without any newspaper columnist’s help, and I appreciate that. Bret Stephens, an entirely replaceable hack who isn’t just a climate change dum-dum but can also be counted on to advance a mindless belligerence in foreign policy and act as an apologist for sexual assault, is not responsible for the destruction of the planet.

But what he is responsible for is his job performance. And I would humbly submit that his job performance is sloppy and dangerously anti-factual- he’s being cited by Orange Hitler’s man over at EPA for his “climate skepticism”. And if there’s any entity more responsible for that disgusting incident other than Stephens himself, it’s the New York Times.

Yes, America’s greatest and most storied liberal newspaper. The one that ran this ad in Feb:

It turns out the truth IS hard, even at the New York Times. Because when you consider your opinion pages to be some sort of post-modernist hellscape where truth is perception and idiots can spew propaganda as long as their partisan badge brings balance, you can’t very well expect your readers to learn anything.