Fantastic Hire By The New York Times Continues to Become More Fantastic

This man is definitely well-qualified and not at all the personification of the lie of meritocracy.

Via Lawyers, Guns and Money,  Bret Stephens, having so recently come to my attention, was probably going to coast for a bit, but man the hits just keep coming:

My first thought about this was basically just a series of expletives shouted aloud to an empty house. But after I finished, my second thought was, “Thank you, rich political hack. Thank you for being straight with us.”

You won’t find any bellicose posturing here about Muslim countries. No demonizing of illegal immigrants or black people or LGBTQ people. No lies about voter fraud, or fear-mongering terrorist attacks, or culture war bullshit. None of the ONE SIMPLE TRICK! conservatives keep reinventing in order to keep peasants voting for anti-peasant candidates.

No, he lays out the game. Because Donald Trump is an actual fascist buffoon out to destroy this country’s best features. He is openly obstructing justice and making a mockery of the emoluments clause – the rule of law is what separates us from dictatorships and monarchies. He wants to institute a religious test for travel into and out of this country- the state’s neutrality concerning matters of religion is what separates us from theocracies. On and on we could go- the point is, millionaire columnist and mouthpiece for our noble betters Bret Stephens thinks all that every bit as grotesque as increasing taxes on the wealthy to pay for a better life for the poor.

THAT’s the Republican agenda. The GOP doesn’t represent millions of voters, it represents a relatively few wealthy people who want to preserve that wealth and the accompanying privilege for themselves and their children. That sort of agenda is never going to win in a democracy, so they use the tricks I described above to carry the day, but it’s all auxiliary.  For them, destroying America and taxing a higher percentage of their money for social programs are the same.

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