Modern American Heroes Fighting For Their Lives

Above: Thugs Carrying Away A Heroic Peasant

What separates a citizen from a peasant? One thing is access to quality medical care. Sure, a peasant might be able to afford the odd inoculation or bone-setting, but if they get hit with something serious like cancer or diabetes they’re going to need to see a highly-trained physician or two.

The Republican party is not interested in governing citizens. It is interested in ruling peasants:

Chaos erupted outside the office of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Thursday, shortly after Republican leaders unveiled their closely guarded plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Capitol police were seen physically removing demonstrators, many of whom were in wheelchairs and holding medical equipment, as they chanted their disapproval of the draft legislation. [my emphasis]

“No cuts to Medicaid,” they said, while blocking hallway access from McConnell’s office.

Mother Jones, great as they are, is far too kind- this plan wasn’t “closely guarded”, it was secret. And the reason it was secret until now- basically the last possible moment- is because it will kill people, which is generally not a popular thing among voters:

A comprehensive look at all the terrible things in this proposed law, which would need to be hashed out in negotiations between House and Senate Republicans as well as the man illegally occupying the office of president of the United States, is really beyond my meager abilities; this is a good start. But isn’t it enough to say people WILL die? Not a few or by the score or even hundreds- tens of thousands people will die if this becomes law.

Why have Republicans been so secretive and defied basic norms of democratic government in order to draft a bill that would kill and generally spread misery and poverty among their constituents? Because they want to cut the wealthiest people’s taxes and shower the already rich with yet more riches. This bill, in addition to the taxes it cuts itself, is all a set-up to cut and cap government spending.  It’s nothing but straight class warfare by our modern day nobles who see no need to contribute to as petty a cause as the medical care of regular people.

If you don’t support the needless death of peasants to lavish riches upon the noble class, this website is a good tool to use- it also has a general script to use if you want to call a senator they don’t have highlighted. The Capitol switchboard is (202) 224-3121- ask for your senator’s office, and tell them that you know what they’re doing- a vote may occur as soon as Thursday, June 29th, before the July 4th recess. They’ve been secretive and evasive in their quest for literal blood money, but they can’t hide forever. The people above put their literal bodies on the line so that they and their loved ones can live healthy and fulfilling lives- they are heroes, and you can join their side by calling. Do it and stay dissident!