Am I The Only One Around Here Who Gives A S**t About The Rules?

I see a disturbing strain of thinking beginning to take hold among people, that President* Pence would be far more dangerous than President* Trump, so people shouldn’t get too excited about Trump leaving office due to resignation or impeachment. Sen. Al Franken, Jeff Waldorf of TYT Nation (couldn’t find where I heard, but I heard it), this dude at Counterpunch; there are many more but those specifically crossed my path. And this kind of thinking- well, it shows just how far we’ve fallen as a country.

Let’s leave aside the fact that impeachment isn’t going to happen with a GOP Congress- full stop. Let’s also leave aside the possibility that any crimes Trump would hypothetically be removed for might implicate Pence.  None of that changes the fact that this man’s presence in office is illegal. He openly violates the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution, he displays behavior and judgement that indicate him unfit for the office, and his administration has no respect for the government’s Constitutionally-required neutrality in matters of religion and race/ethnicity via the 1st and 14th amendments. He encouraged a hostile foreign actor to hack his rival’s campaign and implied to his followers that they employ violent remedies against his opponent if she prevailed.

Famous pro-peasant political thinker Thomas Paine once said, “For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be King; and there ought to be no other.” We may be governed by mortals, but we’re supposed to be ruled by our ideals- expressed through laws. We’ve never achieved perfection in this, but the trying is still important, the demand is still important. And if you’re not convinced that demanding this criminal be removed from office is correct, regardless of the chances of it happening, then consider the fact right-wing propaganda outlets are happy to encourage this idea.

Don’t fall for this. The lesson to learn from the fact that the GOP won’t impeach an obvious criminal is that they are complicit in his crimes, not that demanding impeachment is wrong or a waste of time. The correct position here is MARK IT ZERO- and the fact the GOP won’t tells voters a lot about where their priorities are, because there is no ideal too precious for them to sacrifice in exchange for yet more money and power.