Let’s Reboot Memento And Have Chris Cillizza Play the Lead


Sen. Mitch McConnell is nothing if not careful and crafty. Which is what makes what happened on the Senate floor Wednesday night all the more remarkable.

At issue was legislation to raise the debt ceiling…

-Chris Cillizza, 2/14/14

Mitch McConnell is the master of Senate rules and regulations. He proved that time and again during Republicans’ long, dark spell in the minority, using the arcana that is the Senate rule book to stall or stop legislation that he and his side didn’t like.

That’s why McConnell’s mishandling — by anyone’s assessment — of the Senate floor debate this past week over the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of telephone data was so baffling.

-Chris Cillizza, 6/5/15

McConnell is widely regarded as a master legislative strategist.

-Chris Cillizza, 6/26/17

Lowest moment in McConnell’s time as GOP leader.

-Chris Cilizza, 7/18/17

Mitch McConnell isn’t a veteran strategist of modern day court intrigue leading a party with a positive  legislative agenda, and he never has been. He’s an amoral nihilist with a group of belligerent and stupid reactionaries behind him, a party blindly running against progress itself, good at gumming up the works and shit at doing the hard work of governing a country.

I’m just some peasant, and I figured this out years before Chris Cillizza, who I suspect has lost the ability to form new memories. A tragedy to be sure, but maybe “Political Analyst” isn’t the right job for such a person.