The Post In Which I Give Thanks

A few months ago, as I looked out upon the hell-world that was taking shape in the United States of America, I was not feeling very good about much of anything. I did (and sometimes still do) blame my poverty on myself, frequently felt raw and emotional, and just generally felt like the only sane person in a sea of fascist insanity. None of these feelings have vanished entirely, and none of the problems plaguing my beloved country have, either.

And yet, despite the shorter days and longer odds for team democracy, I am feeling a bit better these days. And it’s not because my website and podcast are a hit (haha), or because Evan McMullin has finally led the #resistance to victory, or I’ve gotten any more charming or intelligent. I am feeling a better because of the community and relationships I’ve formed, and for that I need to say thank you.

If I make you laugh, thanks. If we learn when we speak together, thanks. If you hear me on The Majority Report and my bits make you smile, thanks. I don’t know what else to say other than thanks, thanks for letting me do something that isn’t mindless drudgery or unthinking primitivist accumulation or a futile struggle to escape personal serfdom through YET MORE education and job training.

Thanks for hanging with a poor peasant. If you want, you can help keep our hut nice and cozy this winter by chipping in here.

The podcast will be back next week. Stay dissident, serfs.

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