Happy Birthday Walter

This post is not about politics; it’s about my best friend.

This is Walter. He is a relatively-tiny thing, less than 20 pounds. He was found after running away from a dog-fighting ring, where he served as a bait dog (no link, you may look it up if you wish, but please be warned that it’s a disturbing topic.)

He was starving and incredibly skittish around people when I met him. But after some medical care (where one of his legs was amputated) and love he’s gotten much better. Walter was not an important creature to anyone when we found him- in fact, at my most cynical I tend to draw parallels between the way the world almost ground him up and the way most humans these days are ground up by the depravity of late-stage capitalism. But regardless of how applicable such parallels are, it remains true that Walter is very important to me. He is a reminder of the difference a person can make for the small and forgotten, and of the power of mercy in a world obsessed with hyper-competition and worth-in-dollars.

He’s also a good boy who keeps me sane in a world gone crazy. Walter is 7 today; thanks for being born, three-legged friendbeast.