Modern American Heroes Fighting For Their Lives

Above: Thugs Carrying Away A Heroic Peasant

What separates a citizen from a peasant? One thing is access to quality medical care. Sure, a peasant might be able to afford the odd inoculation or bone-setting, but if they get hit with something serious like cancer or diabetes they’re going to need to see a highly-trained physician or two.

The Republican party is not interested in governing citizens. It is interested in ruling peasants:

Chaos erupted outside the office of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Thursday, shortly after Republican leaders unveiled their closely guarded plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Capitol police were seen physically removing demonstrators, many of whom were in wheelchairs and holding medical equipment, as they chanted their disapproval of the draft legislation. [my emphasis]

“No cuts to Medicaid,” they said, while blocking hallway access from McConnell’s office.

Mother Jones, great as they are, is far too kind- this plan wasn’t “closely guarded”, it was secret. And the reason it was secret until now- basically the last possible moment- is because it will kill people, which is generally not a popular thing among voters:

A comprehensive look at all the terrible things in this proposed law, which would need to be hashed out in negotiations between House and Senate Republicans as well as the man illegally occupying the office of president of the United States, is really beyond my meager abilities; this is a good start. But isn’t it enough to say people WILL die? Not a few or by the score or even hundreds- tens of thousands people will die if this becomes law.

Why have Republicans been so secretive and defied basic norms of democratic government in order to draft a bill that would kill and generally spread misery and poverty among their constituents? Because they want to cut the wealthiest people’s taxes and shower the already rich with yet more riches. This bill, in addition to the taxes it cuts itself, is all a set-up to cut and cap government spending.  It’s nothing but straight class warfare by our modern day nobles who see no need to contribute to as petty a cause as the medical care of regular people.

If you don’t support the needless death of peasants to lavish riches upon the noble class, this website is a good tool to use- it also has a general script to use if you want to call a senator they don’t have highlighted. The Capitol switchboard is (202) 224-3121- ask for your senator’s office, and tell them that you know what they’re doing- a vote may occur as soon as Thursday, June 29th, before the July 4th recess. They’ve been secretive and evasive in their quest for literal blood money, but they can’t hide forever. The people above put their literal bodies on the line so that they and their loved ones can live healthy and fulfilling lives- they are heroes, and you can join their side by calling. Do it and stay dissident!


The Fork In The Road: Capitalism Is Not An Option


Via The Original Great Orange Satan, just a brief note to flag this wonderfully exact paragraph on the future of American politics:

Too many people are assuming that young voters came for Sanders and got socialism on their shoes by accident. They’re ignoring the fact that the current form of capitalism is damn near played out. With automation leaning over every job—every job—like a grim reaper, and income inequality grossly distorting the system, the road ahead seems to fork between socialism and feudalism. It’s hard to blame the potential serfs if one of those paths seems more attractive.

-Mark Sumner

All of that is exactly right. When The Dissident Peasant is feeling brave, he will often discuss this fact with his fellow peasants, and the push back he sometimes receives goes something like, “You’re too young to really know how awful socialism is; what about the Soviet Union/Cuba/East Germany!?”

What these people fail to understand is the false choice presented; either suffer our current system’s inequities, or prepare to wait in line for hours to receive toilet paper and a bag of dried rice! Obviously countries with socialist institutions like Canada, The Netherlands and Sweden are perfectly nice places to live, but more than that people seem to think “Capitalism” remains a viable choice.

Capitalism is fine as an academic construct, a theoretical exercise in efficiently distributing goods and services to a population in the absence of persistent scarcity. As practiced in the United States and other places, however, “Capitalism” no longer really exists. Instead we’ve developed a hybrid model where capital has organized itself to corrupt the democratic process, control wages and shifted most of their tax burden onto ordinary people. They bankroll propaganda and pseudo-academic studies, enrich themselves by suppressing the population, and create monopolies/oligopolies to set prices, control content and limit consumer choice. In short, the capitalist class has set itself up as lord and all others as serfs- and even this might be too generous, as nobles previously had a theoretical set of obligations to peasants.

Some with more Marxist leanings than I might counter that all of that IS the true face of capitalism, and maybe it is. But in some imaginations, at least, capitalism is often associated with free enterprise, meritocracy, efficiency and freedom. These are lies that need exposing.

The choice isn’t between capitalism as it is and a boogeyman future where we all live in gray state housing. The choice is between an intensifying 21st century neofeudalism and socialism- and you can hardly blame the young for abandoning “capitalism” for “socialism”, since capitalism isn’t really capitalism anymore, and socialism isn’t what moderates and conservatives say it is.

Dark as this all is and apprehensive as I am about those with power choosing correctly, it’s worth it to note that it might be just a matter of time before we come to the obviously correct conclusion that modern capitalism is a dead-end. I just hope we have time enough until then.


From Citizen To Peasant: Disposability

It’s easy to get bogged down in the specifics of modern peasantry- there are just so many specifics! There’s nothing wrong with that- this is a good post that drills down on some changes coming up for anyone who works for a living.

But whilst I was in a particularly dark mood, it occurred me that one way to explain how the modern citizen in the US (and many other 1st-world countries) is becoming a serf can be summed up in one word: disposability.

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From Citizen To Peasant: Central Bank Nuttery

This sort of thing is mostly out of my area of expertise, but it’s important enough that I’m going to take talk about it anyway (in this brave new world you apparently don’t need prior knowledge and expertise even to run a cabinet level department, so I think I’m probably ok):

The tame inflation and weak retail-sales data released Wednesday won’t deter the Federal Reserve from raising short-term interest rates later in the day but do raise doubts about another rate hike in September.

Economists said the Fed will not want to back away from a rate hike Wednesday that has already been signaled.


Consumer-price index posted the second decline in three months, the government said Wednesday. The rate of inflation over the past 12 months slowed to 1.9% in May from a five-year high of 2.7% just four months ago.


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From Citizen to Peasant: Working Hours

Not only has our economy not progressed, we’ve actually been backsliding away from this old slogan.

My corporate overlords have deemed it necessary to have me work a turnaround, so despite having arrived home a few moments ago, I need to be back in just 8 short hours. But I thought I would take this opportunity to note another aspect of modern peasantry in the United States- the theft of time.

Most regular people are familiar with our betters habit of tricking or scamming peasants out of their money; everything feels overpriced, and marketing for anything that promises a better future all too often turn out to be fraudulent. But it’s also true that our feudal lords simply don’t care about peasants quality of life- we frequently expect low-wage workers to remain on the clock without breaks for 8-12 hours at a time, and also frequently have them work irregular hours without enough rest in between.

It’s just one more factor on top of the low pay, hard labor, and lack of vacation/sick leave/health insurance that make work for the little guy difficult, and its one condition that makes this peasant feel pretty dissident.

From Citizen to Peasant: The 2016 Election

“We must make our choice. We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” -Justice Louis Brandeis (chart from

You may or may not have heard, but the political environment in the United States has recently undergone what some would refer to as “some changes”, but what I would refer to as “Holy shit everything is on fire!” There’s an open racist and fraudster occupying the office of the presidency, and he’s being enabled by all kinds of…well, just really awful people.

How this came to be is a complicated question. The razor-thin margin of victory means that if any one of a number of factors had been different (Comey, voter suppression; there are others), the other candidate would have won. But one way to describe what happened in the 2016 election is that for the second time in 16 years the candidate who received fewer votes than an opponent assumed the office of president, and the other two election victories were awarded to an orator and leader with extraordinary political talent.

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