“America’s Foremost Composer”

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Happy Black History Month. This episode, I wanted to do something different, and celebrate the greatest musician the United States of America has ever produced. 2,000 tunes, 12 Grammy’s, and unmistakable style: Edward Kennedy Ellington, The Duke.

Material from: Rockin’ in Rhythm, by Harry Carney and Duke Ellington, performed by their orchestra.


Mood Indigo, by Duke Ellington, as played by Evan Christopher’s Django a la Creole performing in Montargis France in 2010

The Dissident Peasant Podcast Episode 15: The State Of Our Union

In this episode, I thank my amazing patrons for being amazing and, tease some new art/music, and address the State of Our Union.

The level of support I have received in this little endeavor continues to warm my cold, dead, atheist heart. Thank you.

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The Dissident Peasant Podcast Episode 14.1: Happy MLK Day

Above: MLK Jr. and others fighting for justice.

In this short episode, we test out a new microphone! Also I give my thoughts on what I am thankful for concerning the civil rights icon’s legacy, we’ll hear MLK on actual peasants, and more!

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The Dissident Peasant Podcast Episode 14: My Inner Feminist, Cernovich Backfires, And Neo-Feudal Taxes

On this week’s show, I talk about shitty Al Franken apologetics, what people are missing about Sam Seder’s abrupt dismissal and rehiring by MSNBC, and the GOP’s plan to take us back to a simpler, better time, where the rich were idle and the poor were not. Share and enjoy!


The Dissident Peasant Podcast Episode 13: Across The Pond

In  this episode, we will talk with my good friend Claire (@claireliontamer), a teacher, UK Labour Party Member, and member of The Michael Brooks Show (@tmbs) about how things are across the pond, the monarchy, gun control, and Brexit, and (somehow) Game of Thrones!? Don’t worry, nothing spoilery.

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The Dissident Peasant Podcast Episode 12: Back to Basics

In this weeks episode, I talk about how capitalism makes a climate of sexual misconduct worse, Puerto Rico’s rising death toll, Election results, some Mueller watch, and Trump’s very good not-at-all embarrassing to the US trip to Asia.

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The Dissident Peasant Podcast Episode 11: Interview with Ronald Raygun/Stephen Robbins

In this episode, I talk to Stephen Robbins (@YakimaAbogado), an immigration attorney from Washington State and Host of Redirect: Immigration Law and Perspectives about political propaganda today, our evolution as former people of faith, the latest in immigration law, and a more than half-decent Lefty Al Gore impression.

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The Dissident Peasant Podcast Episode 10.1: How To Talk To Republicans

In this episode, I give 5 brief pieces of advice to keep in mind when talking to Republican voters, mostly geared at engaging them in person.

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The Dissident Peasant Podcast Episode 10: LAPAKKO GOES FULL COMMUNIST

In this episode, I interview the only form of royalty I recognize, The King of Earned Media, The Chris Lapakko! We talk guns, the #resistance, lessons from our loss in 2016, what animates us politically, and I EXPOSE LAPAKKO AS FULL COMMUNIST.


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