When In Doubt, Tell The Truth

Resist This Asshole
Above: Donald Trump. His hands have not been edited in any way, they are actually that small.

I have been concerned about the course of politics in the United States for several years now, but one reason I didn’t decide to record my thoughts and feelings on the subject is because many of my insights feel a tad obvious to me. Being reasonably intelligent and informed doesn’t make me The Sage Of The South or anything like that, so why bother stating what’s reasonable?

And yet here I am, and I’ve got something obvious to say that needs saying, because the fact that it isn’t being universally blared out of every radio, television screen, cellphone and tablet in the country is very distressing to me.

Donald Trump is not fit to be president. I don’t mean that he’s a crook, though he is. I don’t mean that his election was illegitimate, though it was. I don’t mean that no member of the GOP is fit to be president, though they aren’t. For the sake of this post, we’ll call all of the above just my opinion, man.

Donald Trump isn’t mentally fit to be president. His attention span is too short, his ego requires constant massaging, he lies constantly, and he says shit like this:

BEIJING — President Trump’s threat to unleash “fire and fury” against North Korea sent a shudder through Asia on Wednesday, raising alarm among allies and adversaries and, to some observers, making the possibility of military conflict over the North’s nuclear program seem more real.

With North Korea responding that it would, if attacked, strike American military forces on Guam, analysts warned that the escalating statements increased the likelihood of war — perhaps one based on miscalculation, should one side’s fiery statements be misread by the other.

As a good liberal, my sense of fairness would be greatly offended if I didn’t add that Trump later added that he probably shouldn’t have said that- because “it wasn’t tough enough”. Our country’s foreign policy used to be “talk softly and carry and big stick”, but we’ve changed it to “talk loudly to distract from your tiny hands.”

I’ve been beating this drum since the moment he was elected, and I’m not going to stop. This is not a political issue. This is not an issue of my team losing and your team winning. This isn’t even about criminality and collusion with Russia- those are also grounds for removal, in my opinion, but you don’t need to consider them to know Trump has to go. This is a test of patriotism, of who’s going to put their country before their political tribe.

For the right, if there are any reasonably sane people left out there, this means accepting that Trump has got to go- he’s a danger to the world because he’s mentally unstable. I sincerely doubt that anyone on the right who isn’t convinced of this will be convinced by anything other than (perhaps) an actual mushroom cloud. I hope I’m wrong about that.

For Democrats and leftists, this means accepting Mike Pence as President, probably. Yes, he’s a true-believer, more mentally competent than Trump, and will still require resisting, but to those who say “he’d be more dangerous!!!!”, I’m begging you, just consider the people of Southeast Asia right now. How sleepless their children’s nights must be, how much stress they are all under, because nuclear war looks and feels real to them. Trump is fueling that fire, because he stupidly thinks there are winners and losers in a nuclear war. (There aren’t- all of humanity loses even in a limited nuclear war- another obvious truth that nonetheless needs stating.)

Trump watches too much cable news, plays golf all day, and doesn’t understand the government he heads. He is dangerously incompetent, probably mentally ill, and has no interest fulfilling his duties. He’s an insane person who is, by turns, lazy and destructive. He must be removed from office, and no one should need Robert Mueller to come to that conclusion.

With all the talk about litmus tests on the left, I’m making this my personal one starting now. If after everything that’s happened since Jan. 20th you still think Trump shouldn’t be removed from office immediately through impeachment or resignation, I’ll know that whatever you might say and however cleverly you might say it, you’re not a patriot, and not suited to commenting on American politics.