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Pet Food Alpha 13 Year Anniversary

5 Jun 2019

June 5, 2006. A day that will long be remembered in the annals of history as the day that the Final Fantasy XI podcast, Pet Food Alpha, hit the internet.

Over the next seven years, Pet Food Alpha would continue on, reaching episode 300 before slowing to a halt.

On April 7, 2014, Pet Food Beta launched, continuing to bring the biscuit to fans of both the series, and Final Fantasy XI. Pet Food Beta recorded 31 episodes before stopping in November of 2017.

Since then, no one could have predicted the continued popularity of Final Fantasy XI. Even for those that aren’t active in the game, or that haven’t played for years, Vana’diel continues to hold a special place in many people’s hearts. Ours included.

As we closed in on the 13th anniversary for Pet Food, we wanted to do something. Do we bring the show back in full force? Do we jump into a Pet Food Gamma run? (Maybe if FFXI Mobile ever comes out) Do we do a reunion show? What can we do that fans of the series would like?

Today, we have your answer.

Pet Food Delta & Dragons will be an adventure set in Vana’diel using Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, around level 5 or 6. This will be an audio only release, in no more than a few parts.

Miroku will take the helm DMing for Steak, Fusionx, Chinchilla, Squigglicious, Duelly and Kieran.

*Cast subject to change due to availability

Over the last several months (and even before that) Miroku has been hard at work, trying to take a fist full of Vana’diel and cram it into the D&D rule set. This also includes homebrewing existing classes to give them a Vana’diel flavor. A ton of work is going in behind the scenes. After release, we plan on making the character sheets and stats available for everyone to check out.

So when can we listen to this?

That’s a great question! “Coming soon” is so vague… almost like we don’t have a firm release date or something…

We’re hoping to have Pet Food Delta & Dragons out sometime this July. There are a lot of schedules that we need to line up to make something like this happen so we hope you can wait a little while longer.

In the meantime, you can follow us over on Twitter @petfoodxi to keep up to date on everything FFXI and Pet Food!

Thank you for allowing us to continue to bring you the biscuit for all these years!