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31 Dec 2021

Gamer Escape’s Top 5 Reviewed Games of 2021

Well, it’s that time of year again! It’s officially New Years Eve, with a brand new year approaching on the horizon. 2021 continued to be a…rather wild ride in many ways. But it’s the time to look back on the most important thing of this past year: what happened at Gamer Escape! The biggest change,
8 Nov 2021

Welcome to the New Gamer Escape!

Last month we gave you a first look at a brand new Gamer Escape. Today we’re excited to announce that those updates are now live! All of us here at Gamer Escape are incredibly excited about the update, which is something that we’ve been hard at work on for more than a year. We’ve been
12 Oct 2021

Gamer Escape Updates Coming Soon!

It’s been more than four years since we refreshed the look of the site – and wow has it been an exciting few years for us here at Gamer Escape! Since then, we’ve expanded our ranks considerably. We’ve welcomed new writers to our reviews team, allowing us to take on more games than ever, and
29 Apr 2021

FFXIV Wiki Update: NPC Info Galore!

The thing I love most about this wiki – and this community – is that sense that having 90% of the information about Final Fantasy XIV is just not good enough. Sure, we had most of the information you might want about most of the NPCs in the game, but we didn’t have all of
10 Mar 2021

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Aiming to hit us Right in the Nostalgia

As a child of the 90’s, I had my feet firmly planted in two camps: Power Rangers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My love of these heroes could be seen in my Halloween costumes, the food I ate, all the way to my vast toy collection. When it came to video games however, I absolutely
3 Aug 2020

Announcing the Aetheryte Radio 11 Year Anniversary Dungeon Siege Stream

The very first episode of Aetheryte Radio released on August 11, 2009. Since then, we’ve continued on over the last 11 years, helping to keep fans and players alike up-to-date with the latest news and events for Final Fantasy XIV. This year, we’re going to mix our celebration up a little bit with our first
6 May 2020

FFXIV Wiki Update: NPC Info Galore!

After adding images of armor, and then NPC maps, community member IcarusTwine was (again) looking for a new wiki project. This time he landed on NPC appearances! After a few months of work, we are excited to show off the new NPC Appearance tab! This will display all the information you could ever want to
10 Mar 2020

PAX East 2020 Hands-on: Disc Room

What kills you only makes you stronger. The above words set the stage for Digital Devolver’s latest project Disc Room, a collaboration between Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Terri Vellmann and Doseone coming to PC and unspecified consoles in 2020. I had the pleasure of trying the Disc Room demo at PAX East 2020 this
31 Dec 2019

Gamer Escape’s Top 5 Reviewed Games of 2019

It’s almost here folks…the end of the decade. The time to flip another number in the year and suddenly find ourselves reliving the 20s. The past few months have seen endless social media trends about looking back at the past decade, reliving on what one has accomplished, and what they’re looking forward to in the
9 Oct 2019

FFXIV Wiki Update: Maps Galore!

You wanted more maps? We’ve got them! NPC Maps, Quest Maps, and Gathering Node Maps! After adding images of all armor in game – in both genders and all races – community member IcarusTwine was looking for a new wiki project, and once again he delivered! This time we’ve integrated maps into our quest and NPC
12 Aug 2019

Gamer Escape Positions

2 Jul 2019

Gamer Escape 10 Year Anniversary Giveaways

Early last month, we reached out 10 year anniversary! In our post, we teased some giveaways and today we’re here to tell you some of the awesome things that you can win thanks to our friends at Square Enix! Read on for details on our two giveaways to see how you can enter for a
11 Jun 2019

Introducing the Marvel’s Avengers Gamer Escape Wiki

Tonight during the Square Enix LIVE E3 event, Square Enix revealed Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers. We got our first look at the story, and the characters that will start it off. The game will feature single player, or up to 4 player online co-op Marvel’s Avengers will continue on after release, with a narrative that
4 Jun 2019

Gamer Escape Turns Ten!

June 3, 2009:  “Welcome to Eorzeapedia.” With those words ten years ago, we were off and running on what has become Gamer Escape. It was not our first rodeo as they say. The core of us had started sites dedicated to Final Fantasy XI (primarily FFXIclopedia and Pet Food Alpha) as far back as 2004.
4 Jun 2019

Images of all FFXIV Armor now live on the GE Wiki

We are pleased to announce that, due to the absolutely herculean efforts of community member IcarusTwine, our Final Fantasy XIV wiki now features images of all in-game armor shown on all applicable combinations of races and genders.
10 May 2019

Announcing the Gamer Escape Heaven’s Vault Wiki

Today we’re excited to reveal a new project that we’ve been working on here at Gamer Escape: the Heaven’s Vault Wiki! Heaven’s Vault lets you take control of archaeologist Aliya Elasra as you investigate an ancient network of scattered moons known as The Nebula. During your adventure you’ll be tasked with deciphering a hieroglyphic language.
31 Jan 2019

Introducing: Gamer Escape’s Wiki Editing “Swag Rank”

We have a lot of of information about Final Fantasy XIV. Currently, at the time of publication, we have 88,361 substantive articles and 70,631 icons, screenshots, and other images. To generate that, the community has edited the wiki more than 850,000 times! While perhaps wiki editing is not for everyone, it can be fun and frankly rather
25 Oct 2018

Join Us At The FFXIV Community After Party Presented By Limit Break Radio

We’re getting closer and closer to the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest in Las Vegas and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be attending what will no doubt be the best after party the community has ever seen. Come see members from Gamer Escape and our Aetheryte Radio podcast along other popular creators like Mr.
12 Oct 2018

Gamer Escape 2018 Fan Fest Design Live on CafePress

Last month we opened up the Gamer Escape store on CafePress with the suggestion that we might be adding a special design for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest. Those who are looking to show their love and support for Gamer Escape out in Las Vegas next month can now get this brand new
22 Sep 2018

Announcing the Gamer Escape Merch Store!

We’re excited to announce the unveiling of the Gamer Escape Merch Store! Starting out, we have various items bearing our Gamer Escape and Aetheryte Radio logos, but going forward we hope to add some specialty items (like a shirt design for the upcoming FFXIV Fan Fest). The store is run through CafePress, which means you’ll