Seeds, Mighty Oaks, Single Steps and Thousand-Mile Journeys

You’d think beginning would be easier. The Internet and modern media have made it easier than ever before for the common person to both produce and consume content; access to information and the boundless editorial and cultural products that result have blossomed into countless little plots of differing hue and composition. To start a blog in such an environment should be a relatively easy endeavor for an opinionated sort of guy, which is one thing that I am.

But it isn’t. Countless plots have indeed developed, but the largest gardens of corporate/cable news and radio are full of fetid and dangerous hate, weeds choking any sense of community or compassion among human beings, bland and unenlightened acres of false-equivalency and institutionalism, with a few bright pockets of reason and justice finding their way to the sunlight. Smaller, yet more noxious and disgusting tracts are filled with actual fascists and sociopaths, and smaller still there are gardens where caring about both what is true and what is right are still in fashion. This final category is what I endeavor to add something to, but whether I create honey or poison, it will be a drop in an endless ocean. What kind of point is there to any of that?

To be honest, I don’t know. But I do know there are some ideas and people worth preserving and defending, and while concepts and ideals like democracy, secularism, the rule of law and shared humanity have never been safe, they are under attack like never before. So count me in.

I’m the Dissident Peasant. I’m no one of great wealth, status, or fame. I’m not overly-educated or greatly skilled at anything in particular. I’m a common man with a common job that doesn’t pay me enough, but I’m no fool. I know that the economic and political domination of people like me and millions others is ongoing and increasing, that there are plenty of rich people in expensive clothes who prefer things that way and will never stop trying to pick another paltry dollar from a person’s pocket. I see what’s offered in return by and to some of my fellow peasants- xenophobia and racism, bellicosity and cruelty.

I have some things to say about that.