What Is The Dissident Peasant?

The Dissident Peasant is just who he sounds like- a human who works for a living, and who opposes our current order. I started this site to record political commentary and fight for common people everywhere- we need radical change if humanity is going to survive and thrive. There are plenty of voices out there- they have their own television shows and newspaper columns, popular websites and brand-new Web 2.0- integrated content (now with 68% MOAR SOCIAL MEDIA!), all kinds of fancy stuff.

And good for them. But more and more peasants are waking up, and realizing this fiction they’ve been sold about the virtues of capitalism (as currently practiced, anyway) is just that. They’re watching their democracy wither away for want of care and and cultivation by our country’s elites- our modern day lords and ladies, if you will. And these are not stories you hear about on most popular media outlets. So fancy widgets and huge audience or not, I’m going to fight to change that in my own small way.

The Dissident Peasant is a hobby, but if you’d like to support me:

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Keep up the fight- being dissident is hard, but dissidents bring change- the abolition of slavery, the end of The Vietnam War, universal suffrage. Stay dissident with me and we’ll protect and expand those and other victories.