Private Prisons And The Misery of Money

A drawing by a child in one of CoreCivic’s immigrant detention centers.

A brief history of one private prison company’s quest to make a shitload of money putting people in cages.

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Frances Perkins Makes Our Liberals Look Bad: Part 2

The second and conclusory episode on Frances Perkins, a liberal who was ok.



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Frances Perkins Makes Our Liberals Look Bad: Part 1

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“Very slowly there evolved… certain basic facts, none of them new, but all of them seen in a new light. It was no new thing for America to refuse to let its people starve, nor was it a new idea that man should live by his own labor, but it had not been generally realized that on the ability of the common man to support himself hung the prosperity of everyone in the country.”

-Frances Perkins

They really don’t make em like this anymore, huh?



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