What Is This?

The worst of humanity bungles blindly into wars for no clear purpose other than a racket- they are rewarded with television appearances and sinecures. Paranoid simpletons and conspiracy theorists proclaim loudly and often that our political system is beyond repair due to the complicated machinations of the powerful. Previously right-wing programming that was simply monstrous has transformed into explicit hyper-Christian white nationalism.

I’m an unimportant person named Jeff, and I have watched the perilous crumbling of faith in government, politicians, and each other lead to the rise of brutal and ugly authoritarianism. I have watched the Democratic party morph into a party concerned with nothing but tepid answers to our political difficulties, and almost no answers to our social ones.

Can’t just watch no more. Won’t just watch no more. Gotta chime in. That’s what I’m here for.