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FFXIV Patch 6.45: Last-Minute Prep Guide

16 Jul 2023

There are only a few days left until the new patch release! Wondering what you need to prepare for?

Here are some last-minute tips to help you prepare for new content dropping on July 18:

Blue Mage

The level cap for Blue Mage is increasing from 70 to 80, which means it’s time for another leveling frenzy. If anything like the previous stages, FATEs are likely going to be the most efficient source of EXP.

Consider sending out your Grand Company Squadron for some Squadron Battle Manuals, which provide a +15% increase to EXP gained in the field for two hours – perfect for the FATE grind.

If you’re in a Free Company, make sure you’re fully stocked on Heat of Battle buffs for that extra boost.

Finally, if you want a head start on level 80 gear for your BLU, you can spend extra Tomestones of Poetics on Augmented Cryptlurker gear at the Crystarium.

Splendorous Tools

A new step in the crafter and gatherer relic questline is coming, which means it’s time for – you guessed it – capping your scrips! The previous stage of the Splendorous Tools process required a heavy amount of white scrips, so it can’t hurt to stock up in advance.

Manderville Weapons

There’s no telling what Hildi and the gang have in store for us this time, but you can make sure you’re ready for the next step of your combat relics by obtaining any last Amazing Manderville weapons you need for your arsenal. If history has taught us anything, it’s that entering patch 6.45 with a full stack of Tomestones of Causality is probably worth the effort.

Mount Rokkon

6.45 will also bring a brand-new Variant Dungeon: Mount Rokkon. It’s unlikely you’ll need to have completed the prior Variant Dungeon to unlock this one, but if you’ve been putting it off, there’s no better time to jump in and familiarize yourself with the content style.

The all-worlds maintenance for Patch 6.45 begins at 9pm PDT on Monday, July 17.

Images courtesy of Square Enix.