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Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 6.45 Content Preview

13 Jul 2023

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.45 will be implemented with an All Worlds Maintenance announcement for July 17th – 18th.

In terms of combat content, two major updates are coming. The first is the release of another criterion dungeon titled “Another Mount Rokkon / Another Mount Rokkon (Savage).” Based on the official website’s screenshots, we will be getting another mount, with other rewards to potentially come per the last criterion dungeon’s reward shop.

The second combat update that is coming with Patch 6.45 is a Blue Mage update, which includes a level cap raise to level 80, all new job quests, gear, and blue magic spells. In addition, new blue mage log entries from Shadowbringers and 5.x encounters will also be added.

Patch 6.45 also brings more Hildibrand sidequests as well as updates for Manderville weapons.

Continuing the alien-related adventures, Hildibrand and the crew are joined by Brandihild and the Warrior of Light in their quest to find PuPu’s elusive friend.

Per this expansion and its combat relic weapon progression being tied to the Manderville family, the sidequest story also brings Lord Godbert’s discovery of more of his ancestor’s astonishing smithing techniques to further enhance your Manderville weapons from their second stage to their third stage.

Our combat relic weapons aren’t the only ones getting updates, with Mowen’s Boutique of Splendors providing us with a third upgrade to our Augmented Splendorous DoH and DoL tools in the name of the realm’s prosperity.

Images courtesy of Square Enix.